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Care Coordination
Patient-centric Enterprise Clinical Content Platform with built in diagnostic and workflow tools that drives continuity of care, reduces care gaps and ensures early initiation of preventative care.
Improving health outcomes by enabling a seamless connection between disparate technologies:

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are ramping up their investments in genomics sequencing technologies, multimodal radiology, and digital pathology, both to support their clinical-care mission and to further research in personalized medicine.

The tests, devices and systems from this activity produce terabytes and often petabytes of structured and unstructured data, from DICOM and non-DICOM images and videos, to metadata, and textual reports. That data has to be stored, integrated, and processed on a platform that allows search, visualization, annotation, and collaboration, in order to be useful for clinical and research purposes.

Until now, HDOs relied on individual stand-alone systems (PACS, VNA, Digital Pathology, BioInformatics, Pharmacogenomic, and Analytics tools) to manage all that data. With Kanteron Systems Platform clinicians and researchers in HDOs can finally leverage a unified and modular system that:

  • Integrates all those silos of information for precise diagnostics
  • Provides a unified 360º view of the patient, with all the required tools (zoom, pan, annotate, compare, measure, graph, etc.)
  • Is accessible from any Web browser without the need to install “client” software (zero-footprint)
  • Is unrestricted by user or device licenses, making it ideal for large institutions and integrated delivery networks
  • Can be installed both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Is Open Source

Via the following MODULES:

  • Multimodal Radiology (PACS-RIS)
  • Digital Pathology
  • Genomics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Biosensors
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • “Split” for secure cloud healthcare data

This enables HDOs to grow their business by being able to offer high value additional services such as pathology teleconsultation to rural or international markets and personalized cancer treatment cocktails. Kanteron Platform can also increase the productivity of their inter-departmental groups like tumor boards by 40%, reduce unnecessary patient test repetition from 25% to virtually 0, accelerate the discovery of patterns via GUI analytics that traverse not only the data and metadata but also the reports (which leads to cost and patient readmission reduction, and care workflow optimization), all while increasing the quality and speed of care and even allowing for evidence-based prevention and wellness plans.

The unique capabilities of Kanteron Systems’ groundbreaking innovations have already been tested and proven by some of the largest HDOs in the world thanks toKanteron Platform.

Kanteron Systems’ Platform enables the integration of ALL medical images (DICOM: CT, MR, PET, DR, etc), wave (US, EEG, ECG, etc), non-DICOM (pathology WSI, dermatology and forensic photography, operating room video, etc), even the visualization of genomic data, in any format from any vendor (DICOM, tiff, jpeg, pdf, avi, mov, svs, scn, vms, vmu, etc) into any existing Electronic Medical Record and PACS imaging server (or our own, incorporated!) by turning them into DICOM standard objects.

Consisting of a very robust PACS-VNA, work list server, dicomizer, visualizer, and RIS, Kanteron Platform is the perfect workflow and image management and storage solution for large institutions and healthcare networks. A solution you can trust: 100% standard and Open Source GPL software (unlimited – no restrictions).

Access ALL your medical images from diagnostic workstations, electronic medical records, PACS… even a web browser (HTML5 Responsive Design, so it adapts to tablets, smart phones… any screen!), securely (HIPPA compliant), from anywhere, 24/7. With a very robust architecture, supporting GPFS, GlusterFS and Ceph.

Think of it as a SuperPACS + VNA + RIS + Full Pathology Digital Image Workflow + Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Biosensor Workflow management + WorkList Server + OnlineViewer… all in a single interface and access!

With Kanteron Platform:

Migrate from multiple silos of medical imaging storage to one consolidated archive

Reduce costs for storage and archiving

Have a single point of access for PACS-VNA-EHR-LIS integration which reduces maintenance tasks through centralized system management

Enjoy lifecycle management that manages risk while having a positive effect on storage consumption

Access an integrated workflow engine that assimilates information from pre-existing systems, filling quality initiatives’ gaps

How? What does all this mean for the patient, the clinician, the researcher, and the institution?

Kanteron Platform is an information system capable of managing the areas of radiology, pathology, and genetics of a Hospital (or hospital network), allocating resources and availability to each. It allows the intercorrelation of all data in an efficient and simple manner, thus facilitating the effective management of a hospital (or network), regardless of their size, since it is unlimited open-source / free-software (unrestricted by limiting licenses).

Kanteron Platform has been developed 100% by Kanteron Systems, following the guidelines and requirements of customers and experts, in order to simplify the collection, intercorrelation, and consolidation of all the information of individual databases (in standard languages). All this is done through a homogeneous interface and intuitive workflow, simplifying the process of learning the tool.

The integration of all images and metadata through dicomization (radiology and pathology) or dicom wrapping (genomics, since there is no dicom standard for this field yet) allows big data analytics

Consisting of a series of modules and standard components, it is highly configurable and customizable.

Basic characteristics of Kanteron Platform

  • Client Server Architecture, multilayer, highly scalable
  • Designed for access using a standard web browser, allowing remote connection without installing additional software (“zero-footprint”) and can run on any operating system (Windows, OSX, and GNU/Linux) and browser supporting the HTML5 standard
  • Flexible Web Design HTML5 based, “responsive”, allowing access from and optimized for multiple devices: browser, Tablet / iPad, smart phone / iPhone
  • Based on standards (HTML5, DICOM, HL7, WADO, XML-RPC, LDAP…)
  • The system is deployed in one or multiple servers depending on the size of the installation
  • Installation in the cloud or on-site according to your requirements

European CE mark, and in the USA according to the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act – Public Law No. 114-255) Section 3060/C/D/E: excluded from the definition of a “device” software. 



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