Jorge Cortell


It all started out of love, and continues out of determination: 七転び八起き Nana korobi ya oki (Fall down seven times, get up eight).

🇪🇸 Jorge Cortell
- Founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur (x8); Oxford (Computing) and MIT (Entrepreneurship); Formerly: pro basketball player; visiting professor; EU Expert on Social Investment.
John Memarian

I've done this before

Always open to start a conversation.

🇺🇸 John Memarian
- President & CCO
Formerly: President of Merge (acquired by IBM for $1B); Exec. at GE; Prod. Specialist at McKesson; Dir. at Leidos; VP at Mach 7; Exec. at Agilent.
Álvaro González

Gentleman that presses buttons


🇪🇸 Alvaro Gonzalez
LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Professional Google Cloud Architect, photographer, road manager and activist. Formerly: Medical Imaging Lecturer, Cloud Architect at The Cocktail.
Santiago Gala

I love technology

♬ Es preferible ♬ reir que llorar / y así la vida se debe tomar ♬.

🇪🇸 Santiago Gala
- Senior VP Systems Architecture
Formerly: Leader of AI for European Space Agency; Chairman Apache Software Foundation portals; Consultant at Telefonica; R&D Manager at Indra.
Luis Alario


Soy Luís.

🇪🇸 Luis ALario
- Senior VP Software Development
PACS-RIS and HL7 expert.
Juan Tatay

Natural networker

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one…" Lennon.

🇪🇸 Juan Tatay
MIT (EDP), Cambridge (Ignite); Guest lecturer.
Pablo Marin, PhD

Always the Professor

Because details matter.

🇪🇸 Pablo Marin, PhD
- Director of BioInformatics
Bioinformatics Prof., UCV; and CSO MGViz, Cambridge.
David Gomez Peregrina

Biomedical and Computational Cancer Biology Research Scientist

Precision Oncology

🇪🇸 David Gomez
- Bioinformatician
Formerly: European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Imegen, Incliva.
Edwin Smith

At your service

It is better "I do not know" early in the morning than a "I did not know" very late ... the good news, I have all the dawn to know.

🇨🇴 Edwin Smith
- LatAm Tech Support
Formerly: Ubiquo Telemedicine.
Eva Panadero


Who says you can't code and be a mom at the same time?

🇪🇸 Eva Panadero
- Director of Databases
HIS and EHR expert.
Alba Ordoñez

Health tech motivates me

Who wants to program tax codes forever?

🇪🇸 Alba Ordoñez
- Platform Programmer
Formerly: Indra and Everis.
Pablo Hinojosa

I can fix it

But let me look at the logs, first.

🇪🇸 Pablo Hinojosa
- Head of Tech Support
Formerly: Gigas, CatN, and SCA.
Thomas Vargoczky

Hello from down under

It's a pleasure to serve all our Asian friends.

🇦🇺 Thomas Vargoczky
- Director Asia-Pacific
Formerly: Director Watson Health; Siemens.

Now in Romania


🇷🇴 Camelia Gheorghita
- Agent, Romania
Formerly: Director Tehnic la Johnson Antialunecare Romania

Join the team!

We're looking for the best. Those who would like their job to contribute to a better world.

🇺🇳 You?
- Join the team!
Hacker? Team player? Responsible? Gamer? Curious? Brilliant?


Raminderpal Singh

Devil's advocate

It's been a long and interesting road!

🇬🇧 Raminderpal Singh, PhD
- Strategic Adviser
Formerly: Vice-President at Eagle Genomics; VC at 3iGroup; Genomic Medicine Business Dev. & Strategy Lead at IBM Research.
David Garcia

Medical Images

In the clinic, in code, in radiology, in pathology...

🇨🇭 David Garcia, PhD
- Medical Imaging Adviser
Medical Engineer Hospital de Valais; Formerly: Image Analysis at Quibim; Osirix Development at Geneva University Hospital.
Ignacio Medina


One man army.

🇬🇧 Ignacio Medina
- Genomics Adviser
Head of the Computational Biology Lab, HPC Service, University of Cambridge. Bioinformatics Software Architect, Genomics England.



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