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Open Source and using standards


AI and third party algorithms


Via HTML5 browser, in any device


If your current EHR-HIS system does not have a PACS-RIS, Kanteron Systems can supply your healthcare delivery organization with a module that offers the following functionality, among others:


  • Viewing appointments per month, week and day
  • Filtering appointments by Date, Name and last name, Medical record number, Referring Physician, Modality, Facility, State, etc.
  • Scheduling of radiology appointments with printing, automatic reminder system, and connection to worklist
  • General information: date and time, patient, reason for visit, indications, priority, demographics…
  • List of associated radiology studies, alerts (allergies, notes, equipment, etc.)

Radiologists worklist

  • Filtering worklist by Date, Name and last name, Medical record number, Modality, State…
  • Activities and history
  • Add studies
  • Modify study data: start time, end time, status…
  • Resource Selection: radiologist, modality, equipment, contrast, room, etc.
  • Generate dictation and automatically send to transcriptionist
  • Generate report using built in voice recognition
  • Generate report using word processing (external or built in) and templates
  • Open images in Web Viewer or external workstation (like Osirix or any other)

Technologist worklist 

  • Filtering worklist by Date, Name and last name, Medical record number, Modality, State…
  • Add studies
  • Modify study data: linking images, start time, end time, status…
  • Send to worklist, delete from worklist
  • Link PACS series to the study, automatic and manual
  • Registration of technical parameters of the study

Transcriptionist Module

Priors and patient record. It is also possible to provide the patient with a user/login in the system to access their medical history.

Zero-footprint HTML5 Web DICOM Viewer

  • Search (query) for studies: Date. Patient ID, name, birth date, Access number, Referral Institution or Physician, Modality…
  • Series preview: thumbnail image of the series, or mosaic
  • Viewer with overlay of basic data: patient, study, date, hospital, technical data…
  • Zoom, pan, measurements
  • Browse the slices in the series (Cine Mode)
  • Window level and window width with profiles
  • Download image, series or study; work in DICOM or JPEG

PACS management console

  • Manage studies 
  • List patients, studies, series and images
  • Create, delete, edit and merge patients
  • Move and delete studies and series
  • Administration of DICOM nodes connected to the PACS
  • Offline storage and automated backup
  • WorkLists: modalities, MPPS, GP, GPPPS
  • Security. Managing users and roles
  • Auditing and logging



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