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Big data and third party algorithms


Via HTML5 browser, in any device

Clinical Genomics solution

If your current PACS-VNA-EHR system does not support Genomics, Kanteron Systems can supply your healthcare delivery organization with a module that includes:

A next-generation web-based 2D and 3D genome browser

  • Real time navigation through chromosomes and karyotypes, representing different types of data over many types of genomic information
  • Data is rendered using SVG directly in the client side. No images are generated in the server and sent to the client (which means a faster server and more cacheable data)
  • Numerous pre-configured tracks such as genes, transcripts, SNPs, mutations, miRNA targets, TFBS, etc.
  • Written in Javascript, and makes use of open standards such as HTML5 or CSS3
  • Zero-footprint: it runs in any modern web browsers without the installation of any Flash plug-in, Java Applet or anything else
  • Very fast, smooth scrolling and dynamic response to user requests
  • Use remote or local files, DAS servers or any other data via web service
  • Import data and NGS files (BAM, VCF, GFF, BED…)
  • Export data in JSON format
  • Select sequencing areas and zoom-in to visualize histograms
  • Search genes, SNPs, variants, exomes and transcriptomes
  • One-click link to further curated info on a specific position
  • Load and work with cellbase and DAS
  • History of visited positions
  • Download raw (.bam) data to process in other bioinformatic tools

Report viewing and report generating module

  • Integration with EHR (Electronic Medical Records) for Clinical Genomics
  • Integration with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) for on-site and external Laboratories
  • Integration with eCRF o CDM for Clinical Trials





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